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Joy Of Healing: Overview

Joy Of Healing: Overview

We are an end-to-end medical tourism solutions provider in India for domestic and international clientele.

Along with our reputed hospital partners, we offer you a complete healthcare experience in India.

We understand that for someone residing outside of India, seeking medical treatment in a new country can be a confusing affair. We carry out all of the legal and administrative process for you so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Come, experience the Joy Of Healing! 

Joy Of Healing: Services

Joy Of Healing: Services

Joy Of Healing offers the best packages on multiple specialties at our partner hospitals, offering patients world class medical services.

Operating in strict accordance with international norms and guidelines from our corporate headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, we at Joy Of Healing are a prominent solution provider of medical tourism in India.

We offer personalized services that make your experience in India a stress free one. We are available 24/7 to aid and assist you with personal services throughout the entire journey.

Joy Of Healing: Specialties

At Joy Of Healing, we offer the best packages on multiple specialties at our partner hospitals. A brief list of the specialities we offer:

01. Cardiology
02. Oncology
03. Neuro and Spine Surgeries
04. Multi Organ Transplant
05. Interventional Neuro-Radiology
06. Orthopaedic Surgery
07. Nephrology
08. Urology
09. Ophthalmology 
10. Dentistry
11. Cosmetic Surgery
12. ENT
13. Dermatology

Joy Of Healing: Featured Testimonial

Mr. P. Pongom had a heart attack on the 10th of December, 2018. Mr. Pongom and his son Er. Ngoh Lam 
(Sub-Divisional Officer, Water Resources Department, Kohima, Nagaland) share their thoughts on how Denzil Gomes, (CEO - Joy Of Healing) assisted them when they came to Bangalore for treatment.

Mr. P. Pongom's testimony

Mr. Er. Ngoh Lam's testimony

Send Us Your Queries

Please get in touch with us for your treatment related query by filling up the Request Form below. We will personally call up and fix an appointment with you, within 24 hours of you raising a request.

For more information about our services and multiple specialty packages,
please do get in touch with us at:
Mobile: +91 95356 00778 | 85532 51950
WhatsApp: +91 95356 00778

Why Choose India for Medical Tourism?

Current day India is one of the fastest growing medical destinations in the world with a modest estimate to be worth $3 billion dollars annually and is expected to grow by another $4 - $5 billion dollars in the next three years. The most common reason that one chooses India to have their medical treatment is low cost of treatment with the world’s best hospitality. This combination is the best bang for the buck that a patient and their family can get anywhere in the world.

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+91 85532 51950

+91 95356 00778